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Marie-France Lafleur-Gagnon (b. 1981) grew up in Timmins, Ontario on a small country farm.  Extremely shy as a young girl, her natural artistic abilities shined through the moment she was old enough to pick up a crayon. Her talents were obvious to her parents (Chantal and Richard) and to others like her teachers.  With no former artistic training or schooling, where does this talent come from?  Her father was a talented young man and spent countless hours drawing horses as a child.  But there’s also great talent on her mother’s side.  She recalls her mémère Thérèse doodleling different characters and butterflies on her birthday cards. Later in life, Marie-France found out that her 2nd cousin (on her mother’s side) Alexandre Lauzier, was a painter!


As a self-taught artist, Marie-France went almost a decade without creating a single work of art.  It wasn’t until August 2019, after a personal loss, that she experienced her "ah-ha!" moment when something inside her told her to create. As a young girl, she really disliked washing oil paint off paint brushes, so she avoided it entirely. She told herself "There must be someone in this world who's a fingerpainting artist." After completing her first fingerpainting, she decided to do a quick search online "fingerpainting artists".  She then came across one profile,  world renown full-time fingerpainting artist, Iris Scott. Since then, she been practicing her fingerpainting technique and has never looked back.


After spending 23 years in the hospitality industry and as a Chef, she’s had a change of heart and has decided to focus on her career as an artist.


Marie-France now lives off grid deep in the forest of Northern Ontario with her husband and 2 dogs and paints daily in her home studio.


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